How to mint a ERC721 token (NFT) for Udacity’s capstone?

Alvaro Andres Pinzon Cortes
1 min readJan 11, 2022


Udacity Nanodegree

Test that you can mint locally

You can do this by using the tests in truffle. In the tests you can verify if the mint function is working as expected.

Mint a token for a testnet

You have these options

  1. Use this javascript code or this
  2. Use Rinkeby etherscan to interact with the contract
  3. (Recommended) Use MyEtherWallet to interact with the contract
  4. Use the remix IDE that offer an easy way to interact with contracts. You need to deploy your contract using the remix IDE. Then, it will give you an UI to interact with the contract.

This is a tutorial in YouTube you can see how to use MyEtherWallet to mint a new token. Before you can do this you need to deploy the contract to the testnet