5 most important things in education now

Good education is the most important thing a person in the world can have. It is the opportunity machine that can make anything possible. The following ranking is going to show the new most important things in education happening. The selections are based on these three important pillars: Access to important tech and science subjects, the opportunities that the education system creates in the real world and the development of self education skills.

1. Udacity

Resume: The best available education platform in the world focused in on-demand tech skills. The courses are helped to be designed by companies like Google, Amazon, Nvidia and other tech giants. I predict this is going to be the Harvard of the future.

Cost: $USD 200 / month

Access to education: Everyone can enroll in the courses, no education elitism. Revolutionary pioneers on education in AI and self-driving cars.

Opportunities: All nanodegrees teach on-demand skills. Everything you learn is useful and cool. They brought to reality the “Utopic” connection between education and jobs finally. A special type of nanodegree promise to find you a job in a few months or they will give you your money back.

Self-education: Excellent self-education component. The platform is designed for you to learn on your own and to try to solve your problems by yourself researching on internet and by student cooperation forums. You can only graduate if you can demonstrate you understand everything and you can apply it.

2. The Thiel Fellowship

Resume: If you can demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to create a top product or service this is for you. It is designed for the “Mark Zuckerbergs” of USA, people who don’t need to go to college because they already know all they need to create amazing startups.

Cost: 0

Access to education: They offer you all the mentorship you need to succeed. It is expected that the people in the fellowship have already develop all the important skills necessary for their project.

Reward: $USD 100.000

Opportunities: They give each person accepted to the fellowship $100.000 US dollars, infrastructure, tools and connections necessary for making the startup possible. The only real limitation to most projects is that the idea is really good enough.

Self-education: The people in the fellowship have to demonstrate their capacity to learn by themselves. They have to build their skills and knowledge before they can enter into the program. They have to demonstrate that they are better than anyone in college and that they can continue to innovate by themselves and learn alone to achieve the impossible.

3. Andela

Resume: They form top tech talent and help companies hire them to add valuable people to their teams. Their goal is to take the brightness in Nigeria and help them develop their full potential and become world class developers.

Cost: 0

Access to education: They have access to all the new information and topics in software. They receive high quality training designed specifically to develop on-demand software.

Opportunities: They are hired by the best companies in Nigeria and all over the world. They are highly demanded because they are the very best of their country.

Self-education: This people have to develop real apps and projects that are innovative. So they need to be able to learn by themselves.

4. Global learning X-Prize

Resume: It is not an education institution. It is a competition to develop the best software in the world to help kids, specially poor and with scarce resources, to learn by themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic. It wants to revolutionize education.

Cost: Project expenses

Reward: $USD 15.000.000

Opportunities: They can win one of the most important competitions in the world. Great companies like Google are behind it, so if you do a good job you can get support from the most important and powerful people in the world.

5. Khan academy world class diploma

Resume: Its goal it to bring everyone in the planet the opportunity to have access to high quality education and to a world class recognized degree no matter who they are, where they live and how much money the have.

Cost: 0

Access to education: Top education from the best educators in the world. It is not clear the types degrees that are going to be offered, but it is likely that all are going to be related with tech.

Opportunities: Find real jobs in the world, built up your resume and learn applicable knowledge.

Self-education: High self-education component using the known khan academy platform. Each person goes at their own speed and have to figure out problem by themselves.



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